Want an alternative to Chrome's network tab?

HTTP Toolkit is a supercharged alternative to Chrome's built-in networking tools, designed for faster debugging and complete control of any HTTP(S) traffic.

HTTP Toolkit has all the core network debugging features you already know, plus:

  • A fully featured body editor powered by the internals of VS Code to explore, search and examine request and response bodies with autoformatting and folding for JSON, CSS, HTML, XML, and more
  • Flexible rules to automatically rewrite traffic so you can match requests and breakpoint them, return mock responses, simulate errors, create timeouts, redirect traffic and more
  • Interception for other browsers and tabs: capture and compare traffic from different sessions, all in one place.
  • Powerful filtering, including tools to pin and delete of individual requests, to collect and examine just the requests and responses that matter to you
  • Built-in documentation for every standard HTTP header & status code, plus specific endpoint docs & validation for 1400+ popular APIs
  • Caching and compression analysis, to explain how and why responses might (or might not) be cached in future, and automatically highlight errors and potential improvements in your configuration
  • Automatically interception for other clients too, including Node.js, Python, Ruby and Android

All within a modern beautiful UI, available for Windows, Linux & Mac, and of course 100% open-source.


Capture HTTP(S) with zero setup

Automatic setup for targeted interception of HTTP & HTTPS from most clients, including:

For platforms without automatic setup, HTTP Toolkit can be used as an HTTP(S) proxy, compatible with HTTP requests from any language or tool.

HTTP interception for Chrome, Firefox, CLI tools, Docker, Edge, Android and more


Explore, search & examine HTTP

Skim through traffic with highlighting by content type, status & source, or use powerful filtering tools to precisely match the messages that matter to you.

Examine the URL, status, headers & body of each request or response, with inline explanations & docs from MDN.

Dig into message bodies with highlighting & autoformatting for JSON, HTML, JS, hex and others, all using the power of Monaco, the editor from Visual Studio Code.

Inspecting HTTP requests with HTTP Toolkit


Pause & edit live HTTP traffic

Precisely match requests, jump to them when they appear, and edit anything: the target URL, method, headers or body.

Manually respond directly to requests as they arrive, or pass them upstream, and pause & edit the real response on the way back.

Step through HTTP traffic request by request, or manually mock endpoints and errors.

HTTP debugging with breakpoints on live traffic


Test with fully automated mock responses Pro

Create rules to match requests and respond with your own content, to quickly prototype against new endpoints or services.

Define new endpoints, override existing ones, or replace external services, to reproduce tricky edge cases and test your error handling.

Import & export your mock rulesets, to build complex setups and share them with your team.

Build HTTP mock rules in just a few clicks


Rewrite anything

Inject request timeouts, simulate connection failures, and silently redirect requests from one server to another.Pro

Precise matching lets you target the requests you care about. Match any requests sent anywhere by using HTTP Toolkit as a proxy, send requests directly to use it as a mock server.

Match and rewrite HTTP with custom rules

And there's more to come too!

Future plans include security analysis & metrics, session-wide performance graphs & analysis, HTTP client tooling, Docker integration & more...

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