HTTP Debugging for Python

Instantly view & debug all HTTP traffic
from any Python tool, script, or server

HTTP View is the first release of HTTP Toolkit, a suite of beautiful & open-source tools for debugging, testing and building with HTTP(S) on Windows, Linux & Mac.

  1. Open a terminal via HTTP Toolkit
  2. Run any Python script, tool or server from that terminal
  3. Instantly see & debug all Python's HTTP traffic
  • urllib.request
  • urllib2
  • Requests
  • Pip
  • Python 2 & 3
  • Urlfetch
  • httplib2
  • Boto

(and anything else that supports HTTP(S) proxies)


Capture HTTP(S) with zero setup

HTTP View includes automatic interception integrations for HTTP and HTTPS on a huge range of platforms, with more coming soon, from Chrome to iOS to Docker.

For platforms without automatic integrations, HTTP View acts as an HTTP(S) proxy, compatible with almost all HTTP clients, in any language.


Quickly skim & search HTTP traffic

Automatic highlighting of requests by content type, status and source lets you quickly skim streams of requests, and easily spot issues.

Search over the full request & response URLs, statuses and headers to effortlessly find specific messages.


Deep dive into HTTP exchanges

Check the full URL, status, headers and body of every request or response to examine exactly what's being sent.

Dive into the details of bodies with built-in editor highlighting and autoformatting for JavaScript, JSON, HTML, hex and more. Built with all the power of Monaco, the editor from Visual Studio Code.


Know everything Pro

Fully understand what you're sending & receiving, with inline documentation, validation and analysis for 1400+ APIs, including AWS, Github & Stripe, along with all standard HTTP headers.

Get documentation inline for the service and endpoint you're talking to, with explanations of each parameter, and jump to the official docs with one click.

Spot misspelled, missed, or deprecated parameters before you put them in production, and deeply understand responses, with response status & body documentation included.


Go faster Pro

See timing info, and dive into the compression and caching of every exchange, for a full performance overview.

Check the compression of your requests & responses, to find easy routes to save time & bandwidth, and get warnings for messages made larger by poor compression.

Effortlessly understand HTTP caching, with detailed explanations of how each response will be cached, why, and warnings & suggestions to help you improve.

And that's just the first release!

Future plans include manual & automatic HTTP rewriting, security analysis & metrics, HTTP client tools, and much more...

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